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St. Hilary's Church
St. Hilary
St. Hilary
Ordnance Survey Reference:
SJ 052659
Grade I
Pre-1974 county:
1974 to 1996 county:
Post-1996 county:

St. Hilary's was built in the early fourteenth century, as the Garrison Chapel to Denbigh Castle. It is mentioned in a document of 1335. Strictly speaking, the official parish church was St. Marcella's; but St. Hilary's was much nearer to the centre of population, and it gradually took over many of the functions of the parish church.

By the middle of the nineteenth century, it was in need of extensive restoration; and at a Vestry meeting on 26 April 1867, it was reported that £1760 would have to be spent on essential repairs. The decision was taken, unanimously, to erect a new church, (St. Mary's), in a more convenient location. After St. Mary's had been opened, in 1875, St. Hilary's was allowed to become derelict. The roof was removed in 1904, and the church was demolished (apart from the tower) during the 1920's

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