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Emlyn Williams on his Forebears

(from a quote in Hel Achau, Issue 82, October 2004)

Emlyn Williams

"My family tree is the shortest in the wood. The Japanese variety, healthy, but stunted. It would be the neatest feature of any landscape, for hardly a twig ventures outside Flintshire, the smallest county in Wales. The one in the top right corner next to Chester and Liverpool."

George Emlyn Williams, (26 Nov 1905 – 25 Sep 1987), was one of Wales' best known actors and dramatists. He was born in Mostyn, Flintshire.

He is probably best known for his semi-autobiographical play "The Corn is Green", set in a poor coal mining village in late 19th century Wales.
The play premiered in London's West End in 1938, with Williams himself playing the lead role of the young collier, Morgan Evans. It transferred to Broadway, New York, in November 1940.
In 1945, a film adaptation was made, with Bette Davis (herself of Welsh descent) as the English schoolmistress, Miss Moffat.

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