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A list of articles appearing in Hel Achau: Nos. 1 - 10

This is not a comprehensive index as such, rather it is more a list of articles which have been in the journal.

Title Description Author No. Page
My Family Tree Following the maternal line of Bithell, Hawarden/Chester from early-1700s. Roy Masters 1 11
Notes on Clwydian ancestors of HRH Prince of Wales As title. Starting in the 13th Century. Miss M Preen 1 19
Yr Hen Ffordd Gymreig Development of Anglicised surnames from Welsh patronyms. Dafydd Hayes 3 3
Jones? Which Jones? Tracing a line. From 1780. A H Jones 3 7
Coppacks on Deeside As title. From 1780. R M Benwell 3 9
The Ancient British Fencible Cavalry An extensive list of Officers' & NCO's names, 1794-1800. W Alister Williams 3 21
Nain Smell In search of a Dame school and its teacher in the Ysceifiog area from 1841. Bryan Thomas 4 3
Did any of your ancestors come from Holt? A 17th century listing of all males over 18 in this parish. Stewart Blackwell 4 7
A Wrexham member of the Gallant 600 Lt. Roger William Henry Palmer. W Alister Williams 4 10
A Zulu victim from Ruabon 1879 Sub Lt. Thomas Llewellyn George Griffiths. W Alister Williams 4 10
Whities, Whytas, Whitehouse A Wrexham family in America. Arrived in America 1801, moved to Ohio. Trying to trace origins in Wrexham. Prof. U E Whiteis 4 12
William Thomas of Cerrig y Drudion The link between the families. David Thomas 4 15
The Newnes family As title. In Wrexham area, 1700 & 1800. Maurice Newnes 5 7
A register of tragedy The geographical position of Llanasa and events during the 1800s. Bill Wynne-Woodhouse 5 19
Chadwick and the Ancient British Fencible Cavalry Private Thomas Chadwick killed at Coree. Also the family in Holt from 1700s. Peter Chadwick 5 21
Genealogy on the map Platt's map of Rhosllannerchrugog and the family of Dafydd Jones, tailor. Bryan Thomas 5 23
An emigrants letter Detailed letter from Thomas Siddorn 1800. Voyage and early days. Mrs. Jones 5 26
The Welsh in Liverpool Mostly from mid 1800s. 40 Welsh Churches and Chapels in the city. R H Humphreys 6 5
Did any of your ancestors come from Denbigh? A census of all males aged 18 and over in 1641 from the Protestation returns. Stewart Blackwell 6 11
An unusual source of information on families in Mostyn in 1889 As title. Darwen & Mostyn ironworks dossier detailing the fortunes of over 100 families. Random examples given. Iwan Roberts 6 16
Baled Hart a Brown gan A Welsh poem in Ruthin Gaol. W D Williams 6 17
A monkey puzzle family tree A tangled web starting in the late-1700s. Hafina Clwyd 6 19
Great Grandfather's little book William Lloyd 1831-1932. Near Colwyn. A detailed family story. Phillip E Lloyd 7 3
Further notes on the survivors of the Light Brigade A grave of Thomas Ryan in Hawarden Churchyard and doubts on his presence at Balaclava, plus the story of Edwin Hughes who was there. W Alister Williams 7 8
Welsh Wesleyans in Liverpool Churches in Liverpool Update article to include 12 Wesleyan Churches. Mrs O Berwyn-Davies 7 11
My mother said that I never should play with gypsies in the wood Welsh gypsy families from early-1800s. Names such as Wood, Ingram, Lovells and Boswells. Bill Wynne-Woodhouse 7 12
The Butcher, the Baker, and the Candlestick maker Traders in Flint about mid-1800s. Bryan Thomas 7 16
The Batten family of Denbigh? As title. From mid-1700s onward. Mrs. Joan Batten-Griffiths 8 3
GGG-Grand Uncle Ellis Owen, FSA Mid 1800s. Llanefydd. A chance check revealed a story. R M Owen 8 7
A centuries old secret from Derwen Parish Register. 1600s. About the codes used in writing. Bill Wynne- Woodhouse 8 11
The garrisoning of Denbigh in the late 18th century As title. Refers to article in Issue 7. Bob Owen 8 24
The Wood gypsy family
As title. Refers to article in Issue 7 and includes some details of people. - 8 24
The Yeomanry of Denbighshire Development of this regiment in late 1700s plus events and Officers' names. W Alister Williams 9 3
South African war graves and Uncle John The Boer War municipal cemetery of Thaba ‘Nchu. Elizabeth V Jones 9 6
Early 18th century inhabitants of Holt A list of over 3 pages from 1705. Peter Chadwick 9 7
Marchwiel man’s murder mystery 1844 Thomas Downes murder. Includes press cuttings. Bill Wynne-Woodhouse
9 11
Obituaries in “Y Drysorfa” A regular issue of Welsh Calvinistic
Methodists. This excerpt lists deaths in 1868-69.
Alun Rawson Williams 9 15
For those in peril Connah's Quay grave of Elizabeth Bennet 1867. Ms. K Gething 9 16
Missing baptism found by a Latter Day Saint Traced through the IGI. John Davies of Flint, 1822-70. Bryan Thomas 9 19
That elusive Collins tribe A very extensive story starting in the mid-1800s, mostly in Merioneth. Leslie E Collins 9 21
Great Uncle David and his Bible The emigration to the USA of David and
John Williams of Llangwfan.
Harry Williams 9 29
The Yeomanry of Denbighshire Continuing the story from Issue 9. W Alister Williams 10 3
Dr. Robert Conway and Capt. Jenkin Conway Who were they? A family connection between County Kerry and Bodrhyddan starting in the 1600s. William Kerr 10 7
Pay lists and returns for the Denbighshire Yeomanry Cavalry At Wrexham 1820 and at Ruthin 1822. Four pages of names. W Alister Williams 10 13

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