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A list of articles appearing in Hel Achau: Nos. 101 - 110

This is not a comprehensive index as such, rather it is more a list of articles which have been in the journal.

Title Description Author No. Page
Captain John Burganey of the Ancient British Fencible Cavalry. As title. 1775-1798 born in Pulford

Dominic Byrne
Gaenor Chaloner

101 13
Mother's War. As title. WW2. Manchester area Ron Davies 101 16
The story of the photographic Index- now on line. As title Editor 101 18
What's in a name?: Burchinshaw. The story of family settling in Denbigh area 1200-1300 and different spelling of surname Jennifer Cowley (nee Burchinshaw) 101 20
Nurses in past times. Florence May Nurse (nee Cartwright) and a career from mid 1920s in Denbigh Keith Nurse 101 22
The Town Crier's Bell. Recasting a cracked bell by blacksmith Benjamin Powell Evans in Ruthin 1800s. Margaret Williams 101 24
Memories of wartime. As title- WW2 personal account. Living near Wrexham Barracks Rose Whitehall Jones (nee Young) 101 25
The boys from the Old Swan Part 2. WW1 - William Brown - detailed story of war in France- life in Canada after war Ceris Schrader(nee Nason) 101 26
Counting the people of Clwyd 22. Llanynys (Part 1) As title Hafina Clwyd 101 39
More on Coedpoeth War Memorial. As title plus biographies and photo of 2nd Lt. Gwilym James and Fl. Sgt. Gwilym Powell. Annette Edwards 101 42
A Welshman amongst the Indians in Wyoming Rev. John Roberts 1853-1949 born near Dyserth. Missionary in USA late 1800s. Heulwen Jones 101 44
Samuel Higgins Mariner. Died 1707 Holt. The charitable endowments made in his will. Vic Cliffe 101 48
Holywell's important link to Manchester University Owen Owens b.c. 1760s Left Holywell for Manchester. By 1815 had a large business. Hefin Thomas 101 50
Census returns 1801-1901 With considerable detail about each one. It was the basis of a talk to Clwyd FHS. Peter Chadwick 102 8
Fortune and misfortune Fortune is about Peter Foulkes, Llangwm, late 1700s. Misfortune, Griffith Jones "Guto Jack" early 1800s USA.   102 16
Flintshire Agricultural Show 1834 Mold. Prize winners in farming and for men raising large family without relief.   102 17
War is a mucky business Wartime in Liverpool. Enlisting and a troopship to India via the Cape. Mr. H Fraser 102 18
Mining in the genes As title - a scientific report. Andrew Grierson & Bob Johnston 102 24
Roberts family reunion 2009 As title - Cilcain village hall. Ray Roberts 102 26
More on Minera moors Regarding bombing in WW2. Rita Burtch 102 28
A letter from Alberta, Canada to Wales From Robert (Bob) John Roberts in 1933 to his brother Bill in Wales. Miriam Roberts 102 29
The death of Lewis Evans Ruthin 1897, a tragic death aged 62 and his son who was "on the run" at the time. Margaret Williams 102 34
The revenge of a father Hugh Jones 1822-1862 farmer, Llangollen and his later family movements. Gwenda Jones Williams 102 35
Double marriages Instances where this has happened with possible explanations. Michael E Williams 102 39
Joseph Jukes and Christadella Foulkes Another explanation of double marriage with transatlantic connection. P T Trehearn 102 42
A Private named Fred Fred Nurse, Royal Welsh Fusiliers. Killed 1916 in France. Keith Nurse 102 44
My war, my friends and me Personal account of WW2. From apprentice clerk to Adjutant RAF Regiment. Jeffrey Homersley 102 47
Counting the people of Clwyd 23. Llanynys Part 2 As title. Hafina Clwyd 102 50
Baron Price of Cerrigydrudion 1655-1732. He built the Almshouses in Cerrigydrudion (see issue 98).   103 7
Welsh Patagonians and Canada Includes a passenger list of the "Numidian" that left Liverpool in 1902. Editor 103 12
Counting the people of Clwyd 24. Llanynys (Part 3) As title Hafina Clwyd 103 18
Flintshire Agricultural Show 1834 Further details from item in issue 102 . Rose Whitehall Jones 103 20
Some thoughts Personal story of starting work in Rhyl 1938. Norman Blackwell 103 23
The Cleric, the Captain and a tale of two sisters (Keeping it in the family). The cleric Thomas Ellis Thomas b1834 Anglesey, the Captain Thomas Andrew b1838 Connahs Quay. Married the sisters. Annette Edwards 103 26
The Lancashire Hussars at Rhyl 1908 and a newspaper story chronicling their many and varied activities. A.Pritchard 103 30
To Van Dieman's land, Tasmania - and back. Concerns herbalist recommendations and a publication from 1817 D.Elwern Jones 103 33
From Ruthin to the Australian goldfields Robert Humphreys married Mary Ann Jones in Ruthin 1851. Left in 1852. Margaret Humphhreys 103 34
The real Rhos-ite or the story of coal Research on families in Rhos from the late 1800s. Linking Lloyd and Tunnah names. Julie Harrison 103 38
A letter to Paris From March 1818 from Samuel Edenborough to his 13 year old son (see issue92). Valmai Webb 104 8
A tale of two brothers Alfred Bright Williams b.1877 Liverpool. John Cobden Williams b.1865 Denbigh. Julian Williams 104 10
Counting the people of Clwyd 25. Llanfwrog (Part 1) As title Hafina Clwyd Coppack 104 14
It is surprising what the census can reveal As title - 1891/1901- Family Hatton and Birch. Arthur Hodgkinson 104 16
Treasures past and present. Searching for John Jones Farmer - Fron Wen - kept a record listed in National Library Aberystwyth. 1845 - 1868 memorandum book. Judith Mair 104 17
Wood, wood, glorious wood! The smell of wood and admiration of the carpenters skill. Alida Jones 104 31
A mother's role A poem. John Howell Roberts 104 32
Lost houses in and about Wrexham As title. John Howell Roberts 104 33
The quest for Emlyn Emlyn Phillips b. 1904 Rhos. d.1947 Rhos. Lived in Michigan in 1929. Hazel Pritchard 104 36
Flintshire roots in Pontybodkin, Leeswood. As title. 3 brothers Moses, Richard and Aaron Roberts. Late 1700s onwards. Angharad Rhys Williams 104 48
From Wrexham to Fromelles(a boy soldiers short life) Private Samuel Augustus Stewart Thomas 1899-1916. Colin Blackwell 104 54
The benefits of writing articles on research findings As title. Miriam Roberts 105 11
Emma Fox (nee Smedley) formerly Roose 1835 - 1910 As title - born in Henllan Meriel Overton 105 13
Counting the people of Clwyd 26. Llanfwrog (Part 2) As title. Hafina Clwyd 105 16
Found drowned in Mostyn dock 1884 Richard Jones. Report from Flintshire Observer. Irene Brightmer 105 19
The steel houses Edwards family. Bryn Hedd. After WW2. Kenneth Edwards 105 22
Chelsea Pensioner's British Army service records. Online, Find my As title Roger Lewry, Archives liaison 105 26
Who do we think we are? Recalling early childhood   105 33
What price reputation? Movement and influences of Welsh people in the Manchester area. Ron Davies 105 35
War memorial, Garden of remembrance, Coast Road Rhyl List of names, Boer war, Falklands ,WW1 and 2, Ireland and Iraq.   105 36
Explosive past for the miners pit of pride Brynmally Colliery, Broughton near Wrexham. John Howell Roberts 105 41
A census for 1939 From National Registration Act, but is expensive. Geoffrey T Stone 105 43
The mystery of the old sea chest Or its contents. John Williams b 1836 Mold. A brief seafaring experience. Alan Williams 105 54
Memories of a partially sighted miner A poem. John Howell Roberts 105 55
Religious freedom, anti-slavery and worker's rights-UK pioneers of freedom Now on line. Beryl Evans, FFHS Archives Liaison 105 59
Blackpark colliery, Chirk Indenture 1829. 40 pages showing people who occupied land in Chirk area. Editor 106 6
The William and John Jones Convalescent home, Minera, Wrexham As title. Julie Harrison 106 12
The Burton family at Horsley Hall As title. From early 1800s. Ian C. Bithell 106 16
Pentrebychan Hall As title. Loraine Smith 106 22
Rhiwddolion and Griffith H Jones "Gutyn Arfon" 1849 - 1919 Trefor Jones 106 25
Neli Lewis of Rhyl As title.1800s. Translated extract from Rev Abel Parry. (Welsh version on page 29) Hefin Thomas 106 28
Isaac Allen a World War 1 hero As title. Born Wrexham. In RWF. Mrs Norma Lovery 106 30
Some memories of WW1 As title John Howell Roberts 106 31
Caffertys Irish pub called Welsh Harp in Wrexham run by the Caffertys from mid 1800s. Annette Edwards 106 32
Access to the Canadian census Australian B,M,D, indexes As title. Roger Lewry 106 36/39
Jewish family history research Database expands.   106 46
Counting the people of Clwyd 27 Ruthin (Part 1) As title. Hafina Clwyd 106 47
Llysfaen war memorial As title. Irene Brightmer 106 54
Tafodiaith Sir Ddimbech. Denbighshire's dialect A translation of many Welsh words and phrases with dialect variances. Lona Jones 106 56
Arms across the sea A chance meeting. Miriam Roberts 106 60
The murder of Mary Malpas Double deaths in 1835. Doddington Hall Cheshire. Suspect Thomas Bagguley. Phil Coops 107 7
St Grwst, Llanrwst war memorial As title WW1 and WW2. Margaret G. Jones 107 8
19th and 20th century history of the working classes. Reflected in the history of the male line of the Hughes family from Bagillt. Val Griffiths 107 10
The mystery of Hannah Bartley Late 1800s/early 1900s. Locating the family grave in Ffroncysyllte without solving the mystery. Alun Salisbury 107 17
The Reverend Abel Jones Parry, D.D. Rhyl Details from his autobiography. Early 1800s. David Mawdsley 107 27
Some press cuttings from Llansannan burial book 1880s. W. Ivor Davies 107 32
Counting the people of Clwyd 28. Ruthin (Part 2) As title. Hafina Clwyd 107 35
Bwlchgwyn War Memorial WW1 and WW2 Hilary Belton 107 42
The long,long search for David Brown. As title - 1st half of 1800s, mostly in Holt and linked to Wilcoxon family.   108 7
Round and Round the Table A very detailed account of the foods that were stored, cooked and tasted in Buckley in the 1940s.   108 10
Counting the people of Clwyd. 29. Ruthin Part 3. Hafina Clwyd 108 16
Broughton House, Worthenbury. Restoration of building which is part of Broughton Hall Estate.   108 22
Central Hall, Westminster. Background to the building which had a Historic Roll of names who donated to the 20th century fund Includes the first 3 pages on Denbigh Pentref.   108 24
A history of Saron Chapel, Nant, Coedpoeth. As title.   108 29
Memories of Gresford Colliery. As title.  Includes photo of 48 retired Gresford miners and one of Bradley Football club (1960s).   108 35
Letters to Sarah. Article from Dumfries and Galloway FHS. Sarah Stobo came to Wrexham in 1834. Extracts of letters to her sister at that time.   108 38
Broughton War Memorial. Many names covering WW1 and WW2.   108 42
The Wynne and Bather families of Glynceiriog. As title - details of BMD from late 1700s to the 1800s.   108 45
Who do you think they are? Photos of unidentified people in the Clwyd area.  A sample from the Editors collection. Two Wrexham schools in 1921.   108 53
The Miners "Hymn" "Gresford". The words of the hymn and its regular place in the Durham Miners Gala.   109 16
Arthur Francis Dickin. Lost from Shropshire and found in South Africa. As title - end of 1800s and early 1900s.   109 18
A broad clearing in the woods. A history of Bradley and influence of John Wilkinson (1728-1808) in development of industry.   109 21
Charles Jones & Sons Ltd. Foryd Saw Mills Abergele. Over 100 employees listed plus addresses, start and finish dates and DOB. Period 1925 - 1975.   109 32
An unlawful marriage. Legal explanation of who may or may not marry when they are already related.   109 38
M.C. Chapel Nant. A summary of the history of the Cause.   109 40
Tu Chwith. In Welsh – about a website and magazine in Welsh.   109 41
Letters to Sarah. Continuation of article in HA108.   109 44
Nant Chapel, Coedpoeth. The history of the “Cause” from late 1800s, includes copies of notes, photographs and the many people involved.   110 9
A postcard from France. Sent by John Brimlow in WW1 to Rhosrobin, Wrexham.   110 21
The affects of Non- Conformity on research in Wales. As title.   110 24
Tunes from the past. Articles in earlier issues that amazed one reader.   110 26
A tale of two clocks and my Glynceiriog ancestors. One clock presented to Miss Edith Luset Field in 1949 which led to the research of the Field family through the 1800s.   110 27
Phillips family of Glynceiriog. Through the 1700s / 1800s and includes a family tree.   110 33
St John's Churchyard Rhosllanerchrugog. The relocation of graves with a list of those affected.   110 40
Letters to Sarah (3). Continuation of correspondence.   110 44
Brymbo War Memorial. A list of over 80 names from WW1 and WW2.   110 49
Who do you think they are? 2 photographs of a wedding in Holywell in 1892.   110 50
Joined up writing. How an 8 year old boy can make an impression in the snow.   110 51


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