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A list of articles appearing in Hel Achau: Nos. 11 - 20

This is not a comprehensive index as such, rather it is more a list of articles which have been in the journal.

Title Description Author No. Page
Pedwar Hen Daid John Jones, Nantclwyd; Hugh Roberts; Hugh Hughes, Corwen & John Jones, Llangollen Mid-1800s. (In Welsh). Hafina Clwyd 11 3
The family of Jones of Denbigh As title. Mid-1800s. Very detailed account
starting with James Robert Jones. With a family tree.
C E Glynne Jones 11 5
Oh Shenandoah I love your ...
Luke Bower of Cefn emigrated in 1800s. Mrs. E S Wolff-Yorbeck 11 14
We, the petitioners Ratepayers in Holt, 1844 & an issue of Policing. List of petitioners. Peter Chadwick 11 16
Down and out in Denbigh town Vagrants list who applied for a night in the cells. Extract 1871-77. R M Owen 11 19
Who was Mary Pomfrey? As title. Mid-1800s. Kathleen Bell 11 21
Christionidd Kenrick, Ruabon Late 17th century. Original conveyance document. - 11 30
A matrimonial problem A 17th century riddle. Pat Twiss 11 31
The Welsh in Liverpool Additional details of many books and records. Anita M Thomas 12 3
Time and tide at Conway 18th century list of perhaps your ancestor that “got lost”. Many burials. A H Jones 12 4
Trial of John Twiss, the Moonlighter 1894, a killing in County Kerry. Pat Twiss 12 8
Daniel Owen, the novelist - family history As title. From late-1700s. Their links to Edwards family. Stewart Blackwell 12 18
Questions of the ancestry of William Williams As title - mid 1700s onwards. Patrick C Young 12 25
Welsh folk in the 1851 Frodsham census As title. A Rawson -Williams 12 28
Keeping it in the family A memorandum of Peter Roberts of St. Asaph in 1624. Dafydd Hayes 12 30
A tour of North Wales 1793 How Lt. Tremenheere met Fanny Apperley
in Wrexham.
A W Tremenheere 12 32
Welsh colonists in darkest Yorkshire Evan Parry from Whitford, 1884. Went to Carlton, West Riding as pit manager. Mary Parry 13 7
Hearth tax assessment for Isaled Commote 1662 List of names in Denbighshire area. William A Morris 13 9
A tour of North Wales Continuing journal from Issue 12. Wynn Tremenheere 13 13
Aunt Edith in the log book Ewloe Green. Late 1800s. School notes about Edith Jones. Edna Cocking 13 18
The Yeomanry of Denbighshire List continued from issue 9-11.
List of Officers in late-1890s.
W Alister Williams 13 19
Indexing the 1841 census Gwaunysgor As title. 8 pages of information. Allan John Witham 13 26
A tour of North Wales, July 1794 As title. A continuation. Wynn Tremenheere 14 3
Friends and Relatives – A Quaker ancestry The Thomas family in Gwyddelwern, Corwen. Starting with Cadwalader Thomas in late-1700s. Mrs D Elwern Jones
14 11
Searching for your Pennsylvanian ancestry

State library guidance notes. Over 6 pages. - 14 17
A Wrexham miscellany As title. Early 1900s. Hughes and Southern
family plus family tree.
Betty C Hughes 14 23
A meeting and death on the battlefield Private John Fennah WW1. H Reynolds 14 25
Edward of Llandaff Edward Copleston 1776-1849, Bishop of Llandaff. Wallis Copleston 14 28
The pupil teacher Minnie Fennah, 1901-28, Hawarden. W Reynolds 14 29
Rhyl County School The first headmaster, William Augustus Lewis,1865-1937. Mrs. D Elwern Jones 14 30
The family of Prophet
Alternative spelling of name. Details of John Profit, 1800-59. Dorothy Profit Young 15 5
Richard Pennant, 1st Baron of County Lough 1700s
Movement between Denbighshire and Jamaica. E R Foulkes 15 8
Descendants of Philip Henry Puritan Divine
Worthenbury. Stewart Blackwell 15 14
A tour of North Wales Continuation, July 1794. Wynn Tremenheere 15 15
Some Welshmen in Victoria, Australia 1888 - A list of 82 Welshmen. Bronwyn Zrna 15 19
Stanley’s father, I presume? St Dyfnog’s Church. Llanrhaeadr-yng-Nghinmeirch. Many names including Henry Morton Stanley. Bob Owen 15 23
The Association Oath Rolls of 1695/6 As title. Peter Chadwick 15 28
Elizabeth Parry and H M Stanley Larson An extra ordinary woman and an extra ordinary man, Denbigh 1800s. Bill Wynne Woodhouse 15 35
Sabina – A pensioned nun Sabina Copleston, 1500s. T W Copleston 15 45
A tour of North Wales As title. A continuation. Wynn Tremenheere 16 6
The odd spot, the family fortune and the Brandy merchant Family tree of Robert Jones and details 1700/1800. Trevor Aldrich 16 13
The richest hill on earth The Fennah family of Hawarden. Early 1900s and copper mining in USA. Gail E Shea &
H Reynolds
16 19
The 19th and early 20th century Chester photographers
As title. About 30 listed, with dates of operation and addresses. Mr & Mrs A Edwards 16 21
The notorious poacher, the bachelor father, the schemers, teetotallers and the red headed men of Henllan, by Rev. Briscoe 135 entries about local people and their Church preference 1839.
Bill Wynne Woodhouse 16 24
Fly leaf gleanings from Llanfairtalhaiarn Various BMD entries for 1824/25. H S Chapman 16 30
Tremeirchion Local history by Rev. Sally Brush, Jenny Rowley Williams & D L Jones. - 17 2
Thomas Edwards - Twm o’r Nant, a family interlude
As title. The famed poet 1700/18. Llannefydd area, plus family tree. Bill Wynne Woodhouse 17 4
Rhuddlan registers Names listed for 1694/1704/1714. Naomi J Hughes 17 5
Where there’s a will, there’s a way
Richard Copleston’s will 1617. T W Copleston 18 5
William Roberts “Nefydd” As title. 1813-1872, Llanefydd and a family tree. Mrs D E Jones 18 7
Giants of the past Alfred Neobard Palmer, 1847–1915.
Historian and genealogist.
Stewart Blackwell 18 9
Population and starvation in Tudor Clwyd As title. Bill Wynne Woodhouse 18 10
Transported to Australia Sarah Evans (Abergele) & Grace Jones (Wrexham). Trial in Ruthin in 1786. Bill Wynne Woodhouse 18 17
A unique memorial in Keetra’s Chapel cemetery
The Catherall family in Buckley.
Edna Cocking 19 6
The trowel and the robe Memorabilia as focal point to research. Bill Wynne Woodhouse 19 8
Ioan Jones, Ruthin 1807–1883. An eyewitness account of his times. Trevor A Aldrich 19 10
Grandma was a seaman Margaret Evans, born Holywell, 1847, married Peter Davies. Maurice Davies 19 12
Saved from a bonfire A handwritten diary of local events, in the late-1800s, in Brymbo, Brynmally & Brynteg. Mrs Elsie Rogers 19 17
Where was George on census night?
George Slawson, Llangollen, 1881. Mrs. Mary Hughes 20 2
Richard of Woodland, 1500s
As title. T W Copleston 20 3
The descendant of a Bible translator in the workhouse
The pedigree of Rev Arthur Jones, a descendant of Bishop William Morgan, who translated the Bible into Welsh. Mrs. D Elwern Jones & Bill Wynne Woodhouse 20 5
Newspaper indexes Nov 1859. 'Prescot Reporter'. 5 pages of names. Chris Furmstone 20 9
Mwstwr mystery Tracing Mwstwr, near Corwen, and details of the Jones family, 1600/1700. Arthur H Jones 20 17
- The “Rebecca” mobs of 1840. Bill Wynne Woodhouse 20 19
Saints for ancestors A source of information on Calvinistic – Methodist forbears. Many names. E S Chapman 20 23

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