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A list of articles appearing in Hel Achau: Nos. 61 - 70

This is not a comprehensive index as such, rather it is more a list of articles which have been in the journal.

Title Description Author No. Page
The Harrison family. A genealogist's dream come true thanks to Internet & Rootsweb Starts late 1800s. Harrison Cambrian Stores in Brymbo. The search and results cover 6 pages and range far and wide. Shirley Harrison 61 4
Double Trouble Llangollen parish register. Joseph Jukes married Martha Foulkes in 1865 & 1866. Hafina Clwyd 61 10
Memoirs of the Flintshire Yeomanry Cavalry 1838 Names and residence of 13 Officers and NCOs and about 80 Privates. Plus letters from Government about disbanding the regiment. Peter Metcalfe 61 11
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No. 21: Llandyrnog [In Welsh] Hafina Clwyd 61 18
Griffith William Hughes of Cefn Mawr 1861-1941 Pencerdd Dyfrdwy. As title. Three pages of his life. Geoffrey Crump 61 20
Building blocks to the past - Part 4. As title. Starting late 1700s. Scores of references to people. John Hughes 61 24
A Religious Merger 1700/1800. A Calvinistic Methodist family and a Particular Baptist one. Ranges far and wide often involving the Owen family. Brian Jones 61 37
A Journey from Wales to England 18th & 19th century. Starts in 1788 with John Jones of Abergele. Covers all of north Wales, some of south Wales and England in six pages. Brian Jones 62 5
There’s trouble at mill Corn Mill called Felin Uchaf in Dolywern, Denbighshire. 1700s Letters from Chirk estate to John Hughes' mother. John Hughes 62 14
When is a Thelwall not a Thelwell? As title. A family puzzle from the 17th & 18th century. David Williams 62 18
Names mentioned in documents relating to sale of Bowden House, Chapel St., Abergele 1899: 12 names. 1954: 8 names and 1982: 3 names Malcolm Sheppard 62 22
The Whitford Poor Book As title. Details from mid 1700s, over six pages. Peter Redfern Metcalfe 62 24
Welsh link to African grave Grave of William Lloyd of Mold 1876. - 62 29
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No. 22: Llanrhaeadr yn Nghinmeirch [In Welsh] Hafina Clwyd 62 32
A cautionary tale (or how to get it wrong) Refers to Issue 51 and John Edward Roberts of RWF died in WW1. Found incorrect, another J E Roberts in The Cheshires also died in same month, year of WW1 . Bryan Roberts 63 3
Er cof am pump blant o John ac Ellin Jones Gravestone in Llansannan Churchyard. All died in 1858 of scarlet fever. Geoffrey Crump 63 12
Denbighshire Constabulary records as sources for family history As title, from 1840. Certificates & applications of 75 candidates 1840-1850. Description books of Police Officers 1849-1946 (2 volumes of 250 pages). Service register of Officers 1851-1948. This article has a few examples. David Castledine 63 16
Our Bennion pioneers. Brief sketches of Samuel and John Bennion 1820 onwards. Born Hawarden parish. Includes a family tree. Peter Redfern Metcalfe 63 22
Coroners’ inquests in Flintshire 1810-1829 - Part 1 Starts with Denbighshire 1753-1760 (40/50 entries) & Flintshire 1810-1829 about 200 names. Each entry states location and
cause of death.
Bryn Ellis 63 28
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23. Llanfwrog. [In Welsh] Hafina Clwyd 63 32
Reading the riot act in north-east Wales Act of 1715. Dates it was used in 1700/1800 and details of the circumstance. Tim Jones 63 37
Coroners inquests in Fllntshire 1810-1829 - Part 2 1816-1829. Mostly Flintshire, over five pages, approx 100 names per page.
Bryn Ellis 64 4
On the Lunt trail once again As title. Boston area in USA. Mrs D Elwern Jones 64 9
Survey of War Memorials in the County of Clwyd As title. An alphabetical list. Michael B George 64 15
Elementary school admission registers Centres on Henllan and includes two school photographs David Castledine 64 16
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24. Y Gyffylliog. [In Welsh] Hafina Clwyd 64 20
Royal Welsh Fusiliers WWI casualties Names the cemetery and states age at death with parent’s names and address. 15 entries. Eirwyn Morgan
64 30
A visit to Overton, a village in Flintshire, Wales Concerns the Martin family, 1700/1800. Includes a family tree. Douglas Martin 64 33
Parish of Bistre in Buckley, Flintshire About a database on Lotus 'Approach' of BMD in mid-1800 to late-1900. Jennie Harley 64 40
A First World War story About William Edward Metcalfe b1890, Carmel, Holywell. Copies of several letters to & from his mother and others. Peter Metcalfe 65 5
To be or not to be, a McKeand that is the question Early 1900s. Doris Owen/Doris McKeand born nr Holywell. Trying to find the correct surname.
Colin Parry
65 13
Extracts from the journal of Lord R Grosvenor being an account of his visit to the Barbary Regencies in Spring of 1830
As title. Over seven pages in date order.
- 65 14
Double trouble Llangollen parish registers 1865 & 1866. Joseph Jukes and Martha Christadlla Foulkes were married twice. Hafina Clwyd 65 21
Gleanings in the search for a missing aunt Early 1900s. Annie Mary Morgan b. 1910 Llanfyllin, Powys. Eirwyn Morgan 65 24
Cyfrif Pobl Clwyd
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25. Llangynhafal. [In Welsh] Hafina Clwyd
65 32
The Bywater connection Family lived in Shropshire. Letter dated 1848 (spelling of words left as it was received).
Mike Davies 65 34
Building blocks to the past: Part 5 - Llangollen Includes a list of inns, hotels, taverns and public houses in Llangollen with their innkeeper in the 1851 census and a photo of a group outside an inn - no names on it. John Hughes 66 4
Cyfrif Pobl Clwyd
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26. Llanbedr Dyffrvn Clwyd. [In Welsh]
Hafina Clwyd 66 18
The Glyn Quarries Ltd., Glynceiriog, Denbighshire Aug. 1942. A list of 70 men with DOB and home address employed at the quarry Robert Owen Jones 66 20
Maria, I’ve just found a girl called Maria About the Parry family in the late 1800s who moved to Wigan and the mystery about Maria. Colin Parry 66 23
Hawarden and Hope monumental inscriptions Damaged or overgrown headstones. Eliz. Rowe Shone d. 1971; Ruth Williams (112) d. 1748. Thomas Ryan d. 1908 and a Humphreys plot of three, 1839-1886. M S Lovelock 66 24
Why did Great Great Grandfather change his
About the Atkinsons in the mid to late 1800s in the Llangwfan area. Marion Atkinson 66 28
Ancient British Fencible Cavalry Seven prestigious family names, some of whom were from north Wales. Paul Haycock 66 29
From the diaries of Thomas Davies and Gethin Davies of Cefn Mawr List of events important to the author from 1795-1930. About 80 entries many to do with his immediate family. Mair Davies Jones 66 34
Wyvern Midland railway index Information on this large index 1844-1923. - 66 36
Susannah the kleptomaniac 'Flintshire Observer' report of Holywell sessions in 1866 of the trial of Sarah Metcalf and again in 1871 of Susannah Metcalf. Peter Metcalfe 66 37
Better late than never Davies family of Llanynys. Starts in late 1700s. Poor law entries. Ending with David Edward Davies 1887-1970 b. Prestatyn. Butchery business. Mrs M Royle 67 3
Cyfrif Pobl Clwyd
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27. Llangwyfan. [In Welsh] Hafina Clwyd 67 10
Meeting my Patagonian cousins Robert and Gwen Roberts from Bala who left for Patagonia 1865. Bryn Ellis 67 13
My Great Grandfather William Redfern b. 1861 Halkyn. Married Catherine Marriott in 1885. After she died aged 82, William married again to Mrs Nuttall. Includes extracts of his death in 'County Herald'. Peter Redfern Metcalfe 67 16
The several Royal descents of the Bartlett family As title. Starts in 1200 Molly Rosenthal 67 21
A localised outbreak of smallpox Hawarden parish 1808-1811. 17 children named who died. Natalia McKenzie 67 24
Herein lies a caution Concerns a baptism of Ann Hughes, Cefnllyfnog mid-1800s and an extract from a Walter Davies, age 81, in 1843. Elizabeth Pettit 67 25
Meredith family 1700/1800 Llanasa. - 67 29
A lot of Bull 1800/1900 Bull family. Reference to names and trades in many English counties. Beryl Ellis 67 30
Saint or sinner Concerns the Callcott and Wall family and who exactly were their ancestors in Kensington. Shane O’Neill 67 32
Exploring my Scandinavian roots The Lunt family of Henllan, Denbigh from 1600s onwards. Elwern Jones 68 3
Cyfrif Pobl Clwyd
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28. Glyn Ceiriog. [In Welsh] Hafina Clwyd 68 11
The diaries of Robert Wynne Extracts taken from 'Bygones'. August 1903 relating to the late 1700s. David Williams 68 15
Gabriel Goodman, Dean of Westminster 1561-1601 Notes on his life and family over four pages. Brian W Wlliams 68 16
An original letter from a Welsh constable to a country innkeeper As title. 1700s. Edward Tavis 68 24
Building blocks to the past: Part 6 - Distant cousins Edward Hughes, bricklayer, 1800s, Cefn Bychan. John Hughes, grocer, 1800s Newbridge. Includes their wills. John Hughes 68 25
Wrth Gofio’r Daith gan Robert Ellis, Bro Fflint a Dyffryn Clwyd First chapter of Robert Ellis, Minister and his early life in Gronant, Flintshire. [In Welsh] Roy Thomas 68 30
Memories of the Adwy and Coedpoeth as I remember in my early childhood in 1930s As title. Part 1. Very detailed over four pages with scores of names who lived in the area. John Oliver Jones 68 33
A tale of two adventurous sisters 1909. Myfanwy & Jenny Hughes of Gwyddelwern, Merioneth left for Canada. Includes a long letter and photo from 1910 of Jenny’s experience. Valmai Webb 69 6
Cyfrif Pobl Clwyd
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29. Llangar [In Welsh] Hafina Clwyd 69 12
A scoop and the end of an era Reporter Freddie Parker and the coverage of Gladstone’s death in 1898 and the Archbishop of Canterbury’s (Edward White Benson) death in 1896. Both in Hawarden. Keith Nurse 69 15
Bishop William Barlow As title. 1500 Edward Morgan 69 20
Memories of Coedpoeth As recorded by Mrs Annie Homer b. 1910. Tom Mercer 69 24
Parish relief - lunatic Story of Samuel & Mary Beavan of Penymynydd, Hope. Early 1800s with three sons identified at the time as lunatics. Natalie McKenzie 69 27
Samuel Johnson LL.D 1709 - 1784 As title. Edna Cocking 69 31
Memories of the Adwy & Coedpoeth in my early childhood in the 1930s Part 2. A very detailed description of the shops and staff on all the main and side roads. John Oliver Jones 69 34
Responses on Dr. Johnson's house Relates to article in Issue 69. Details about the cottage. - 70 6
A clock-making family The Maymoor family of Llangwm near Corwen. Humphrey b. 1688. Watchmaker in Wrexham. Lavinia Phillips 70 8
Cyfrif Pobl Clwyd
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30. Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog. [In Welsh] Hafina Clwyd 70 12
Building blocks to the past: Part 7 - Ancestral
Tracing the history of a home. Notably Rhosycoed Farm, Trevor Isaf, Llangollen and its occupants from 1799-1891. John Hughes 70 17
Who was the Welsh Royal nurse? Jane Jones from Rhyl was chosen to be nurse to Queen Victoria’s 7th child. Elwern Jones 70 22
Pendref Wesleyan Chapel, Holywell, centenary celebrations History of the cause. The 'County Herald ' 1908. Seven pages of details and the people involved. Peter Metcalfe 70 26


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