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A list of articles appearing in Hel Achau: Nos. 81 - 89

This is not a comprehensive index as such, rather it is more a list of articles which have been in the journal.

Title Description Author No. Page
People who count
3: Llangwm (3)
Family of William Jones known as the "Red Carpenters of Llangwm" mid-1800s Hafina Clwyd 81 11
Lillie Evans Noting her recent death and a reminder of the book containing her life story A. Rawson
81 13
Another unforgettable meeting With B. Norma Evans and her assistance with researching the Langford family Mrs. J. Watson 81 16
Eurgrawn Wesleyaidd 1876-9 This publication found recently lists births, marriages and deaths in the county.
Alun Rawson-Williams 81 18
Reminiscence of long ago: a ramble on a summer afternoon Translation of a Welsh memoir by John Glyn Parry 1931. Mostyn/Whitford area. Colin Parry 81 21
No buses running The story of Ernest Hughes in the Congo as a probationary missionary. Late 1800s John Hughes 82 31
People who count
4: Gwyddelwern (1)
As title Hafina Clwyd 82 11
John Jones of Cerrigydrudion and
As title. 1600/1700 Manan Atkinson 82 14
Building blocks to the past
(Part 12)
Hughes, Parry, Price and Wynne. Llangollen and Llantysilio John Hughes 82 16
The Breakthrough The moment of joy in research. Astburys of Northop Michael Astbury 82 19
From the falls of the pig's brook by Miles Ellis A family history on nine generations of Ellises from Wales to Wigan Hafina Clwyd 82 25
The Whitley Family History As title. 1800s in Buckley/Mold area Graham Rogers 82 28
The duties of a Sexton in 1688 As title
Colin Parry 82 29
From Manor to Castle John Tod family's history. Left Peebles for Chirk Castle estate about 1845 Ann Ankers 82 31
People who count
5: Gwyddelwern (2)
As title Hafina Clwyd 83 11
Monumental Inscriptions Epitaph Sir Hugh Homersley 1636
Jeffrey Homersley 83 14
Flint beginnings and Salford endings Tracing O'Neil family in 1800s and 1900s Eric O'Neil 83 15
A cautionary tale The danger of loose or leaning headstones being incorrectly replaced John Murray 83 19
A Welsh wedding A daughters wedding in 2004 in Ruthin for family from Australia Bronwyn Zrna 83 20
Robert Parry 1825-1892 As title John Hughes 83 22
From Wales to Wood River Entries from the book of the same name. Clwyd emigrants to Canada early 1900s Miriam Roberts 83 28
Patronymic Paranoia Also in issue 50. The mysteries of the old Welsh system of personal names Dafydd Hayes 83 30
William Homersley As title. Late 1800s Jeffrey Homersley 83 36
People who count
6: Gwyddelwern (3)
As title Hafina Clwyd 84 18
My Runaway family Following the Burgess and Wilson family in north Wales and Scotland in 1800s Judith Payne 84 22
Unexpected findings A graveyard visit in Penley/Hanmer provide leads to Vaughan and Price family Miriam Roberts 84 28
Sally Jones’ postcards As title. Early 1900s Bryan Roberts 84 31
Building Blocks to the past - Part 13: The Edwards and "The Ladies" As title. Llangollen John Hughes 84 33
The remarkable preservation of Ann Parry’s body The story of arsenic poisoning in the 1700s - near Denbigh Dr. A. M. Evans &
Dr. N. D. M. Evans
84 39
Buried in wool As title Canon Sally Brush 85 12
People who count
7: Corwen (1)
As title Hafina Clwyd 85 14
Forging Links Remembering his grandfather and maternal g-grandfather Barry Hughes 85 18
Richard Ingleby of Springfield As title - late 1700 early 1800 Flintshire and lead mining Paul Evans 85 19
Revd. William James Hamer 1909-1960 Colin Parry 85 24
A Welsh sea shanty As title Maggi Blythin 85 25
Coopers in Llangollen As title -1700s Angharad Rhys Williams 85 27
The American branch As title - Jones Family. 1800/1900 Einir G Jones 85 28
A little ditty 18th century by Bishop of Lichfield Margaret G Jones 85 31
Building blocks to the past - Part 14: Hugh the Miller As title 1600/1700 in Chirk and Llangollen area John Hughes 85 45
Social conditions in Denbighshire and Flintshire in the 1840s As title Ray Masters 85 48
Family History - Local History - or Both Owens - Clockmakers of Llanrwst 1700s
Bob Lundy 85 52
A poet remembered on a Tanat valley farm Robert Ellis 1800s Rhoswen Charles 86 1
We're related to the Bardd Nantglyn, you know Robert Davies, poet
1769 - 1835
Emrys Williams 86 19
Building blocks to the past - Part 15: John the Cooper As title - 1700/1800. Chirk/Llangollen
John Hughes 86 21
Turnors from Stafford to Denbigh Tracing the family from late-1600s to 1800s
Dewi Evans 86 24
People who count
8: Corwen (2)
As title Hafina Clwyd 86 27
Cousin Charlie 2nd World War. Sergeant Charles George Williams Alan Williams 86 30
A Williams Family As title. Upper Kinnerton from mid-1800s onwards Jeffrey Homersley 86 34
Was your Welsh ancestor a Freemason? As title - Explanation of the tradition Larry Sharrock 86 35
My Kerfoot family Living in Lancashire from the late 1700s Margaret Jones 86 40
Footsteps to the past A brief look at the collieries in the Wrexham area Keith Nurse 86 52
Alleged railway outrage - Attempt to throw a train into the Dee GWR. 11th April 1906. Near Llangollen Geoffrey Crump 87 15
People who count
8: Llanfihangel Glyn Myfyr (1)
As title Hafina Clwyd 87 19
Volunteering for Clwyd FHS takes you to places where you've never been before The enjoyable experience of being a member of the committee Janette Lyon 87 22
Mr Whitley of Rhyd As title 1600/1700 Margaret I. G. Logan 87 25
Penarth slate mine Part one - Owners and Managers of the mine plus financial issues Valmai Webb 87 26
This old house - The Warren, Broughton The Davies families that occupied the house in the 1800s to early 1900 and were wheelwrights Natalia A McKenzie 87 31
Building blocks to the past - Part 16: Recollections of childhood Of John Hughes 1802-1884 from his memoirs John Hughes 87 35
Henry Taylor F.S.A. 1845-1927. An obituary for former Town Clerk of Flint, Lawyer and Historian Peter Metcalfe 87 39
Woes, Woes and more Woes. Is there light at the end of the tunnel The trials of research Alun Rawson Williams 87 43
Old photographs come to light Tracing Owen John Jones in New Zealand and his descendants. Making use of e-mail to other members Miriam Roberts 87 44
A community archive project. A great adventure Creating the Rhyl community archive mainly photographs 1850 onwards Ruth Pritchard 88 20
Penarth slate mine Part two. Previous entry issue 87 Valmai Webb 88 22
People who count
9: Llanfihangel Glyn Myfyr (2)
As title Hafina Clwyd 88 26
The ancient order of Purbreck marblers and stonecutters Reprinted Articles of Agreement from 1651 Edward Morgan 88 28
A tale of three continents Tracing the Ellis family from 1700-1900 with the help of distant relatives, including a family tree. Miles Ellis 88 31
A family Bible - a detective story Based in the 1800s in Llandrillo yn Rhos. The Bible name two owners John Roberts and Thomas Evans Valerie Wilson-Hooper 88 36
Thomas Totty, R. N. , A Flintshire Admiral - Part 1 As title. 1700s. Charting a famous career Paul Evans 88 39
Childhood memories of my Grandfather Remembering Thomas parry 1887-1958 who lived in Greenfield Colin Parry 88 59
Thomas Totty, R. N.,
A Flintshire Admiral - Part 2
As title. Into the 1800s charting a famous career Paul Evans 89 10
Hen Nain. (whose photograph is in the National Library Aberystwyth) Memories of Maria Hughes nee Williams from Ruthin and later Widnes 1800s Emrys Williams 89 15
A couple of shillings away from the precipice of pauperdom Random reflections on the life and times of Emlyn Williams actor/playwright 1900s Keith Nurse 89 18
The Matthews family of Wrexham and Llangollen As title. During 1800s David Taylor 89 21
People who count
10: Llanelidan
As title Hafina Clwyd 89 23
A problem, the unexplained and a coincidence Researching Jane Alice Ellis, near Wrexham but no birth certificate found Arthur Hodgkinson 89 27
Hynodion Hen Bregethwyr Cymru -
"lesu Grist" yn y White Lion
In Welsh [Peculiarities of old Welsh preachers (published in 1800s)]. Llansilin Hefin Thomas 89 29


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