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(from various issues of Hel Achau)

Some strange, amusing and sad entries from local registers, etc., over the past 500 years ...

• Hanmer Burial Register
13th July 1565: Rondulphe ap Richard Gwyllym, a talle yong man beyng strucken with an arowe in the hynder parte of the heade at Lyght woodd the xxjth of June died of the same strocke and was buried xiijth of July 1565.
• Hanmer Baptism Register
20th April 1568: daughter of Alice Beylise, a noughte stroompett, the wife of Owen Davie, the father of the say'd chlld uncertayne, christened.
• Cerrigydrudion Burial Register
6th June 1597: Anne vch Thomas ap Richard and Morfydd vch Ieuan were buried the vijth day of July the yere above written both killd with a thunderbolt in Bwlch y beudu.
• Hanmer Burial Register
7th October 1609: A stranger that sold aquavitae lodginge at Gruffyth ap John alias Dee killed in bed by the soddaine fall of a wall the vjth of October and was buried at Hanmer vijth of October.
• Hanmer Burial Register
18th August 1627: Anthony the barefoot Tinker slaine by Rynald the sowgelder bur. August xviii
• Hanmer Burial Register
30th December 1641: Randall Allat Carpenter, carrying a peece of wood on his shoulder at ti tyme of ffrost, fell downe suddenly & dyed forthwith immediately on Braderheath & was buryed ye xxxth of Decemb.
• Gravestone at St. Dyfnog's Church, Llanrhaeadr yng Nghinmeirch
20th March 1642: Here lyeth ye body of JOHN ap ROBERT ap PORTH ap DAVID ap GRIFFITH ap DAVID VAUGHAN ap BLETHYN ap GRIFFITH ap MEREDITH ap JERWORTH ap LLEWELYN ap JEROM ap HEILIN ap COWRYD ap CADFAN ap ALAWGWA ap CADELL, the King of Powys. Who departed this life the XX day of March in the year of our Lord God 1642 and of his age XCV.
• Ruabon Baptism Register
7th April 1680: Male child of Thomas Parrock christened through the midwife's mistake for a girle by the name of Elizabeth.
• Ruabon Baptism Register
20th Sep 1707: John Lloyd, base son John (Cariad Pawb) and Mary Lloyd (Concub).
• Hawarden Burial Register
24th December 1740: A stranger found with his throat cut on Saltney Marsh, neither known nor owned, buried.
• Hawarden Burial Register
31st May 1741. Anne Gill, wido. Shot by a servant boy of Jno. Bennisons, buried.
• Abergele Baptism Register
26th July 1766: Elizabeth daughter and bastard of Robert Vaughan by his middle wife he having at this time 3 wifes living. O villain!
• Llanelidan Baptism Register
10th April 1778: CATHARINE ye illegitimate dtr of Edward Lloyd begot upon ye body of Jane ye wife of William Roberts who fled ye country for horse stealing, was baptized.
• Kinnerley Marriage Register
27th July 1795: Charles Harbet, of Kinnerley, aged 90, and Mary Weaver, of Kinnerley, aged 21.
• Glyn Ceiriog Baptism Register
January 1799: Sarah, a base Child of one Mary Roberts from Llwynmawr, by Evan Parry, Dolygeth Issa, baptised. The said Sarah is ye 5th base Child to ye said wicked debauched Animal Mary Roberts.
• Ruthin Burial Register
15th December 1818 - Patrick McAvoy, a murdered stranger, 22 years or thereabouts.
• Hanmer Burial Register
9th April, 1822: William Griffiths, Bronington. Convict, executed at Salop for Burglary, buried, aged 30 years.
• Wrexham Burial Register
31st October 1831: Edward Roberts, aged 38, killed by fighting at Minera Chapel.
• Ruthin Burial Register
23rd February 1834 - John Powell, Debtor, Ruthin Gaol, 84 years.
• Henllan Baptism Register
7th Feb 1840: Emma Smedley, Henllan Street, mother of an illegitimate child is described under 'Occupation' as "Strumpet"!
• Henllan Baptism Register
7th Feb 1840: Pietta Davies, Henllan Street, similarly described under 'Occupation' as "Fornicatrix"!
• Llanrwst British School Logbook
Sept 21st 1863: The "Welsh Stick" was introduced to the I and II Sections, in the hope that this plan will induce the children to practise more to speak English.
• Prestatyn Burial Register
16th Jan 1867: Ann Kilkolin, Tywyn East, about 60, buried. A poor Irishwoman who was starved to death in a snowstorm while returning from Rhyl on Saturday night the 12th inst.
• Prestatyn Burial Register
20th Jul 1868: Samuel Gildeny and George Gildeny, School Row, brothers, aged 11 and 9; Thomas Ellis and William Ellis, Pensddu, brothers aged 11 and 9; Walter Douglas Williams, School Row, aged 11; Martin McMahon, Tywyn East, aged 11. "These boys, 5 out of the 6 being choirboys in the Parish Church, met their deaths by drowning while Sea bathing on Friday the 17th of July, 1868. Vide Memorial in Church".
• Pontblyddyn Burial Register
8th Jun 1869: Elizabeth Jones, 'Black Diamond', buried, aged 57; "Shot at the Leeswood Green Colliery riots at Mold June 2nd 1869".
• Llangollen Baptism Register
29th October 1882: born 3rd Oct, Richard, son of Letitia Hughes, alias Roberts, Froncysylltau. "Born a few days after the return of her Husband David (Daniel?) Hughes, from Penal Servitude of Seven Years. Letitia being meanwhile with another man".
• Gwersyllt Burial Register
4th March 1916: Four girls under the age of seven were buried from Red Lion Cottages, Moss, "accidentally killed by a bomb which had been brought home from the front ..."


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