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Historic Ruabon Inns

Wynnstay Arms, High Street, Ruabon Bridge End, Bridge Street, Ruabon Vaults, Bridge Street, Ruabon

These are the inns of the old Ruabon Parish as they appeared in various Trade Directories.

Trade directories are alphabetical lists of names and addresses and are usually listed by occupation. They list information for the year they are published. In Wales, directories first appeared in the late eighteenth century and continue to the present day. 

Name Address Place Notes
ANCHOR Pentre Hill Penycae Robert Davies (Slater 1868)
Catherine Davies (Slater 1880)
Catherine Davies (Slater 1895)
Destroyed by fire, 1956
ANCHOR High Street Rhosymedre Joseph Boote (Slater 1868)
Thomas Davies (Slater 1880)
William Jones (Slater 1895)
AUSTRALIA ARMS Bank Street Rhosllannerchrugog Closed 1970s? Demolished.
BIRD IN HAND Crane Street Cefn Mawr ???
BIRD IN HAND Stryt Isa Penycae ???
BLACK HORSE Llangollen Road Acrefair Closed 1920s???
BLACK HORSE Campbell Street Rhosllannerchrugog ???
BLACK HORSE § Hall Street Penycae William Roberts (Slater 1868)
William Roberts (Slater 1880)
Mary Roberts (Slater 1895)
BLACK LION Llangollen Road Acrefair ???
BLACK LION § Park Road Newbridge Elizabeth Jones (Slater 1880)
John Gabriel (Slater 1895)
BLACK LION § Church Street Rhosllannerchrugog  
BLACK LION Park Lane Rhosymedre ???
Delph Road Acrefair Closed. Converted to house.
BLUE BELL High Street Rhosllannerchrugog Thomas Owen (Slater 1868)
John Parry (Slater 1880)
Edward Price (Slater 1895)
(renamed BRIDGE END)
Bridge Street Ruabon Jane Davies (Slater 1859)
Edward Davies (Slater 1868)
Walter Holt (Slater 1880)
BRICKLAYERS ARMS Stryt Isa Penycae John Stevens (Slater 1859)
John Stevens (Slater 1868)
Mary Ann Jarvis (Slater 1880)
Samuel Evans (Slater 1895)
Bridge Street Ruabon John Jones (Slater 1895)
J W Gerrard (WTD 1918)
BRIDGE Pentre Penycae ???
BRITANNIA Russell Street Cefn Mawr David James (Slater 1859)
BUCK Hill Street Cefn Mawr Abraham Parry (Slater 1880)
John Morris (Slater 1895)
Demolished c1963.
BULL'S HEAD Chapel Street /
Ponciau Demolished
BULL'S HEAD High Street Rhosllannerchrugog ???
BUTCHERS' ARMS Hall Street Rhosllannerchrugog ???
CAMBRIAN Johnson Street Ponciau Demolished
CHESHIRE CHEESE Delph Road Acrefair Demolished 1930s
(renamed EAGLES, 1844)
Llangollen Road Acrefair Mostyn Owen
COACH & HORSES ΒΆ Vinegar Hill Rhosllannerchrugog John Jones (Slater 1868)
John Roberts (Slater 1880)
John Jones (Slater 1895)
COLLIERS' ARMS Well Street Cefn Mawr  
COLLIERS' ARMS § Chapel Street Ponciau  
CROSS FOXES ??? Cefn Mawr David Jones (Slater 1859)
CROSS FOXES Hall Street Rhosllannerchrugog William Howell (Slater 1895)
Demolished 1980s?
CROSS FOXES Church Street Ruabon Watkin Rogers (Pigot 1835)
Watkin Rogers (Pigot 1844)
David Jones (Slater 1880)
Closed 1889
CROSS FOXES § Copperas Hill Penycae  
CROSS KEYS ??? Cefn Mawr John Roberts (Slater 1859)
Jonathan Jones (Slater 1868)
Jonathan Jones (Slater 1880)
Samuel Dickie (WTD 1903)
CROSS KEYS Hall Street Penycae Closed 1970s. Demolished.
CROSS KEYS Wesley Street Rhosllannerchrugog Demolished 2008
DUKE OF WELLINGTON § Llangollen Road Trefynant Thomas Davies (Slater 1859)
David Jones (Slater 1880)
Richard Roberts (Slater 1895)
M Humphreys (WTD 1903)
Vincent Thompson (WTD 1912)
DUKE OF WELLINGTON § Duke Street Ruabon Edward Reeves  (Pigot 1835)
Morris Morris (Pigot 1844)
Thomas Jones (Slater 1859)
Sarah Jones (Slater 1868)
Sarah Jones (Slater 1880)
Sarah Jones (Slater 1895)
Mrs. Cotton (WTD 1903)
Mrs. Cotton (WTD 1912)
Mrs. Cotton (WTD 1918)
EAGLE Stryt Isa Penycae ???
(previously CHIDE CASTLE)
Llangollen Road Acrefair John Roberts (Slater 1859)
John Roberts (Slater 1868)
John Roberts (Slater 1880)
George Bowen (Slater 1895)
EAGLES Stryt Isa Penycae ???
EAGLES High Street Rhosllannerchrugog Edward Tunnah (Slater 1880)
Edward Tunnah (Slater 1895)
EAGLES Park Road Rhosymedre Evan Jones (Slater 1859)
Samuel Brentnall (Slater 1868)
(renamed WYNNSTAY)
High Street /
Park Street
FEATHERS Hall Street Rhosllannerchrugog ???
FEATHERS ??? Ruabon ???
FIGHTING COCK ??? Cefn Mawr ???
FORESTERS Black Lion Road
(now Bethania Road)
Acrefair John Lloyd (Slater 1868)
William Davies (Slater 1880)
Moses Pierce (Slater 1895)
Closed c1965. Demolished.
FORESTERS King Street Cefn Mawr Thomas Cuffin (Slater 1895)
FORESTERS High Street Rhosllannerchrugog ???
FOX & HOUNDS ??? Newbridge Rose Beckett (Slater 1868)
Rose Beckett (Slater 1880)
Thomas Fieldhouse (Slater 1895)
GOAT Park Street Ruabon William Morris (Pigot 1835)
Thomas Morris (Pigot 1844)
Sarah Morris (Slater 1859)
Sarah Morris (Slater 1868)
Closed c1865. Demolished
GRAPES Crane Street Cefn Mawr ???
GRAPES § Maelor Road Johnstown  
(aka 'The NANT')
Pont Adam Ruabon Robert Pemberton (Slater 1895)
GRIFFIN Bank Street Ponciau Charles Hewitt (Slater 1880)
Hannah Jones (Slater 1895)
GROSVENOR ARMS High Street Cefn Mawr Thomas W Jones (Slater 1859)
Robert Roberts (Slater 1868)
Evan Evans (Slater 1880)
David Griffiths (Slater 1895)
HAMPDEN ARMS § Llangollen Road Acrefair Edward Davies (Slater 1880)
William Roberts (Slater 1895)
HAND Mount Pleasant Ponciau ???
HOLLY BUSH § Well Street Cefn Mawr John Pritchard (Slater 1859)
John Gabriel (Slater 1868)
Joseph Williams (Slater 1880)
Thomas Davies (Slater 1895)
A Thomas (WTD 1903)
A Thomas (WTD 1912)
Oldest pub in Cefn Mawr
HORSE & JOCKEY § Chapel Street / Gutter Hill Ponciau Jonathan Clarke (Slater 1868)
Edward Clarke (Slater 1880)
J Edmund Jones (Slater 1895)
JENNY LIND Bank Street Ponciau ???
JOLLY COLLIER Middle Road Ruabon ???
JOLLY FORGEMAN Jolly Bank Cefn Bychan Edward Morris (Slater 1868)
George Tompkins (Slater 1895)
JOLLY MASONS § Rock Road Rhosymedre Built c1835
R G Evans (Slater 1880)
Robert Evans (Slater 1895)
KING'S HEAD King Street Cefn Mawr William Bradley (Slater 1868)
Mary Lumb (Slater 1880)
KING'S HEAD Hill Street Rhosllannerchrugog Richard Hughes (Slater 1868)
Richard Hughes (Slater 1880)
John Hughes (Slater 1895)
Converted to housing
LION Market Street Rhosllannerchrugog Charles Woollan (Slater 1880)
LLANNERCHRUGOG ARMS Market Street Rhosllannerchrugog William Edwards (Slater 1868)
John Parry (Slater 1880)
John Parry (Slater 1895)
Station Road Cefn Bychan Abraham Griffiths (Slater 1868)
Charles Shaw (Slater 1880)
Henry Lloyd (Slater 1895)
MILL § Mill Lane Cefn Mawr  
MINERS' ARMS ??? Cefn Mawr Thomas Richards (Slater 1868)
Thomas Bowen (Slater 1880)
Daniel Bowen (Slater 1895)
MORETON § Ruabon Road Johnstown Edward Jones (Slater 1859)
Edward Jones (Slater 1868)
Joseph Owen (Slater 1880)
Joseph Owen (Slater 1895)
NAG'S HEAD Hall Street Rhosllannerchrugog Elizabeth Roberts (Slater 1868)
John Jones (Slater 1880)
Thomas A Roberts (Slater 1895)
NEW INN ??? Cefn Mawr Walter Wright (WTD 1901)
NEW INN § Maelor Road /
High Street
Johnstown John Roberts (Slater 1859)
George Roberts (Slater 1868)
Roxanna Roberts (Slater 1880)
Roxanna Roberts (Slater 1895)
NEW INN Stryt Isa Penycae ???
Mountain Street Rhosllannerchrugog Closed. Demolished.
(previously MASONS' ARMS)
Station Road Cefn Bychan  
ODDFELLOWS ARMS § Chapel Street Acrefair Built c1800s
ODDFELLOWS ARMS Church Street Rhosymedre William Furmston (Slater 1880)
PHOENIX Pont Adam Ruabon ???
PIGEONS Pigeons Lane Cefn Mawr Edward Jones (Slater 1859)
Llewellyn Morris (Slater 1880)
Mary A Hughes (Slater 1895)
PLOUGH High Street Rhosymedre Joseph Hobson (Slater 1859)
John Beaman (Slater 1868)
John Garside (Slater 1880)
Alexander McClusky (Slater 1895)
Alexander McClusky (WTD 1901)
Alexander McClusky (WTD 1903)
Closed 2011. Demolished 2013.
PLOUGH Market Street Rhosllannerchrugog Enoch Roberts (Slater 1880)
PRINCE OF WALES High Street Cefn Mawr ???
PRINCE OF WALES Bonc Ddu Ponciau ???
QUEEN'S § Queen Street Cefn Mawr Built c1820s
John Jones (Slater 1868)
Richard Davies (Slater 1880)
Samuel Hughes (Slater 1895)
S Hughes (WTD 1918)
QUEEN'S HEAD Bridge Street Penycae Andrew F Phillips (Slater 1868)
Mary Morris (Slater 1895)
QUEEN'S HEAD ??? Pant John Wright (Slater 1868)
Caroline Lloyd (Slater 1880)
Thomas Davies (Slater 1895)
Edward Hughes (Slater 1895)
QUEEN'S HEAD Johnson Street Rhosllannerchrugog  
RAILWAY Railway Road Cefn Mawr Ann Jones (Slater 1859)
Ann Jones (Slater 1880)
Joseph Mansfield (Slater 1895)
J Mansfield (WTD 1903)
Closed 2012
RAILWAY § Smith Street Rhosllannerchrugog Edward Jones (Slater 1859)
RED COW ??? Cefn Mawr Closed c1875. Demolished 1950s.
RED LION Red Lion Square Cefn Mawr Edward Griffiths (Slater 1859)
John Amos (Slater 1880)
RED LION Maelor Road Johnstown John Prince (Slater 1868)
John Prince (Slater 1880)
F R Campbell (Slater 1895)
RED LION Pentre Hill Penycae William Miles (Slater 1868)
William Miles (Slater 1880)
RED LION Brook Street Rhosymedre ???
ROCK Station Road Cefn Bychan Thomas Evans (Slater 1868)
Thomas Roberts (Slater 1880)
John M Jones (Slater 1895)
J Brown (WTD 1918)
ROYAL OAK ??? Cefn Bychan Thomas E Parry (Slater 1868)
Thomas Edwards (Slater 1880)
Frederick Davies (Slater 1895)
ROYAL OAK Stryt Isa Penycae Thomas Williams (Slater 1868)
Thomas Parsonage (Slater 1880)
Ann Lloyd (Slater 1895)
ROYAL OAK § Fennant Road Ponciau Opened 1853
ROYAL OAK Park Road Rhosymedre ???
ROYAL OAK Tan y Lan Ruabon ???
SEA LION Mountain Street Rhosllannerchrugog ???
??? Cefn Mawr ???
SUN & DRAGON Hall Street Rhosllannerchrugog Thomas Bellis (Slater 1868)
William Williams (Slater 1880)
William Edwards (Slater 1895)
SUN ??? Cefn Mawr ???
SUN Bank Street Ponciau ???
SUN § Hall Street Rhosllannerchrugog  
Hall Street Rhosllannerchrugog ???
SWAN Tan y Lan Ruabon Closed before 1838
TALBOT Brook Street Rhosllannerchrugog Thomas Hanmer (Slater 1880)
Kyffin Morris (Slater 1895)
TALBOT Tan y Lan Ruabon Thomas Davies (Pigot 1835)
Evan Jones (Pigot 1844)
Robert Morris (Slater 1859)
TALLY HO Newbridge Road Newbridge Closed. Converted to house.
Bangor Road
Johnstown William Solomon (Slater 1868)
William Solomon (Slater 1880)
James Haycocks (Slater 1895)
Closed 2009
UNICORN Chapel Street Ponciau ???
Well Street Cefn Mawr John Powell (Slater 1859)
Jane Jones (Slater 1880)
Robert Edwards (Slater 1895)
Closed 2011
(renamed ROUNDHOUSE)
(renamed VAULTS, 2013)
Bridge Street Ruabon Mary Cunnah (Pigot 1844)
Lloyd Jones (Slater 1868)
O A H Franks (Slater 1880)
O A H Franks (Slater 1895)
VICTORIA ??? Cefn Mawr ???
WAGGONERS   Gyfelia Closed 1970s?
WELSH HARP Bank Street Rhosllannerchrugog ???
WHEELWRIGHT ARMS Stryt Isa Penycae Opened c1850s
John Valentine (Slater 1859)
John Valentine (Slater 1868)
Joseph Valentine (Slater 1880)
Joseph Valentine (Slater 1895)
Closed c2002
WHITE HORSE Market Street Rhosllannerchrugog Joseph Edwards (Slater 1859)
John Owen (Slater 1868)
John Owen (Slater 1880)
William Jones (Slater 1895)
WHITE LION ??? Cefn Mawr Robert Jones (Slater 1859)
WHITE LION Market Street Rhosllannerchrugog Jane Lappin (Slater 1859)
WYNNSTAY ARMS High Street / Park Road Rhosymedre Caroline Beck (Slater 1880)
Thomas Griffiths (Slater 1895)
(previously EAGLES)
High Street /
Park Street
Ruabon John Allen (Pigot 1835)
John Allen (Pigot 1844)
Mary Allen (Slater 1859)
John Allen (Slater 1868)
Henry C Murless (Slater 1880)
Philip Murless (Slater 1895)
Listed Grade II building.



For further research :


The Clwyd FHS have published a CD-ROM containing copies of twenty-five complete local directories of north Wales from 1818 to 1936.
The North Wales Directories 1818 to 1936 CD covers the whole of the north of Wales, and seven of the directories also include the city of Chester in England.
The most detailed of all, the postal directories compiled by Frank Porter and published in Liverpool in 1886, covered all six historic counties of Anglesey, Caernarfonshire, Denbighshire, Flintshire, Merionethshire and Montgomeryshire, in three volumes. They included nearly every village, and listed the local schools and places of worship, naming their teachers and ministers, and other local officials such as the postmaster and station master.
An index on the CD-ROM provides easy access to the pages for each place, and the text can be enlarged and printed out. There are over 5,500 pages of information, and more than 600,000 names are mentioned.


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